Mesh Sheet

Mesh sheet is suitable for buildings that are under construction, this will stop dust or any material from falling down the buildings onto people or spreading. This sheet is breathable with holes so the wind can pass through it so that the scaffolding doesn’t fall down.  This mesh sheet is covered with PVC to protect it in the hot sun and UV and this mesh sheet is not flamable.


  1. Light weight, easy to attach to the buildings
  2. Prevent dust from spreading also the sheet doesn’t block out all light and the light is able to pass through so it will allow enough light in the building
  3. Breathable, Wind can go through the sheet so the scaffolding doesn’t fall down
  4. The mesh sheet is well ventilated and also preventing dust
  5. The mesh sheet does not absorb water or chemical
  6. The sheet is fire-proof and not flamable
  7. Prevent UV, suitable for outdoor use

Types of Mesh sheet

– Ready to use with eyelets (made to order, any size)
– Mesh sheet roll (without eyelets) size 1.80×50 Meters per roll.

Color/ weight. 

  1. 130 grams/ square meter, Green and grey
  2. 170 grams/ square meter, Green and grey
  3. 270 grams/ square meter, Grey
  4. 370 grams/ square meter, grey

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