GA Oilboom

     GA Oilboom Nowadays there are tons of petrochemical business, marine business and also businesses that located around river, ocean (hotel business) It is necessary for business to maintain environment and quality of water for our society.

     Therefor our company has created the product to meet our customers demand. Our goods can used for the purpose of blocking off community or sensitive area from water pollution. Furthermore, it would be more convenient to clean up contaminant. This product called “oil boom”

Oil boom can be classified into variety categories.

    Our company produces all kinds of Oil boom according to our customer purpose. For example boom used to control trash, debris. Boom used to clean oil spills. We also provide temporary oilboom the can be used in an emergency case (oil spill or toxin)

    In those kind of cases we have special kind of boom which is pumping air in the boom and it will be ready to use. Disadvantages of this product are convenient, light, easy to set up. However, customer can customize it to meet their purpose.

     Our service can help others business to get along with environment and maintain quality of life for community.
We has 3 signature products and customer can customize according to their needs.


GAB II is a flat kind of boom, 50-80 cm. GAB II can be used to prevent oil spills and also block off trash. This product can be folded, required less space and portable.

GAB III This product is an air-inflated boom, 5o cm height. Using to prevent oil spill, block off trash. This product can be use perfectly in emergency case like oil spills, toxin spills.
The air-inflated boom easy to set up, light weight, required less space.

Products Model



OilboomGAB4 (optional)


Floting Dock Drawing

On Site Installation